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+# Apache Fluo Bytes
+[![Build Status][ti]][tl] [![Apache License][li]][ll] [![Maven 
Central][mi]][ml] [![Javadoc][ji]][jl]
+**Apache Fluo Bytes is an API project with the goal of providing an extremely
+stable library for handling bytes, suitable for use in [Apache Fluo][fluo] and
+other projects' APIs.**
+## Features and Goals
+This project aims to fill a void in Java, by providing convenient objects to
+represent a string of bytes and associated utility classes for situations when
+a raw byte array is not appropriate.
+Specifically, it provides a `ByteSequence` interface, analogous to Java's
+`CharSequence`, an immutable `Bytes` implementation analogous to Java's
+`String`, and a corresponding `BytesBuilder` analogous to Java's
+The provided classes have appropriate methods for serialization, and proper
+equals and hashCode implementations, as well as a comparator for
+`ByteSequence`, so they will be suitable for use in `Set`s and as keys in
+An immutable bytes implementation makes it possible to pass data between APIs
+without the need for performance-killing protective copies. This benefit is
+compounded if this library is used by multiple projects, as the need to make
+protective copies while passing data between a project and its dependency's API
+is eliminated.
+This project aims to provide a fluent and intuitive API, with support for
+conversions to/from other common types, such as `ByteBuffer`, `byte[]`, and
+This project requires at least Java 8, and supports `Stream` and functional
+APIs where appropriate.
+See this [blog post][blog] for some additional background.
+## Safe for APIs
+Using an external library in a project's API poses some risks to that project,
+especially if it and its dependencies depend on different versions of that
+library. This project attempts to mitigate those risks, so that it can be used
+safely by other projects.
+This project is made safe for reuse in other projects' APIs by adopting the
+following principles:
+* Using [Semantic Versioning 2.0.0][semver] to make strong declarations about
+  backwards-compatibility
+* Strongly avoid breaking changes (avoid major version bumps), so that projects
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   It will be so nice in Java 9 when the deprecated annotation has the 
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