alb3rtobr commented on pull request #628:

   With the new integration test it is possible to reproduce the problem and 
ensure it is solved.
   These two logs messages can be found on test log:
   Region::put: region [/region] created key [order], value [OrderID: 2 Product 
Name: product y Quantity: 37]
   Region::put: region [/region] created key [order], value 
[PDX[28743191,com.example.Order]{name=product y,order_id=2,quantity=37}]
   Without the GatewaySenderEventCallbackArgument class added to the code, 
there is a deserialization exception when receiving the second event, so 
instead of that message, this is one appears:
   Exception while receiving subscription event for endpoint localhost:33829:: 
apache::geode::client::IllegalStateException: Unregistered type in 
   As the event generated in cluster A is not deserialized correctly in cluster 
B, it is not processed by the dummy cache listener implemented, and the test 
case will fail with this error:
    Expected equality of these values:
       Which is: 0

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