mgroovy created GROOVY-8503:

             Summary: Fund Groovy Development
                 Key: GROOVY-8503
             Project: Groovy
          Issue Type: Planned Work
            Reporter: mgroovy

Join the HMS Groovy Bounty, Pledge Allegiance and Pay your Groovy Pals !

This is an experimental umbrella task to collect pledges/bounties that people 
commit to paying to a (to be created) Groovy funding / developer 's Paypal 
address on completion of a specific Groovy feature or fix.
If you would like to pledge for a task, just add the task name and the amount 
as a comment below, and I will update the totals in each currency.

Current feature bounties:
||Name||Issue||Amount pledged||Description||
|var & final RHS type support| | 100 EUR | Support
final x = RHS -> final typeof(RHS)
var typeof(RHS) x = RHS
for the most common practical cases|
|Non-map based named parameters|[GROOVY-8451]|300 EUR|Support type safe, 
flexible named parameters for ctors and methods, in addition to the existing, 
restricted map-based named parameters|
|Global constructor call support without new keyword|[GROOVY-8490]|200 
EUR|Extend @Newify so that calling class ctors can be easily enabled for a 
whole project|
|block type closures|([GROOVY-6880],[GROOVY-8301])|200 EUR|Support a mechanism 
to inline "closures" that actually semantically represent block constructs, so 
that return/break/continue work as for a regular code block, and the 
unnecessary performance hit in these cases can be avoided|

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