zstan commented on a change in pull request #7245: IGNITE-12530 Pages list 
cache limit added to prevent IgniteOOME on checkpoint
URL: https://github.com/apache/ignite/pull/7245#discussion_r366811227

 File path: 
 @@ -118,6 +120,19 @@
  * Used when persistence enabled.
 public class GridCacheOffheapManager extends IgniteCacheOffheapManagerImpl 
implements DbCheckpointListener {
+    /**
+     * Threshold to calculate limit for pages list on-heap caches.
+     * <p>
+     * Note: When a checkpoint is triggered, we need some amount of page 
memory to store pages list on-heap cache.
+     * If a checkpoint is triggered by "too many dirty pages" reason and pages 
list cache is rather big, we can get
+     * {@code IgniteOutOfMemoryException}. To prevent this, we can limit the 
total amount of cached page list buckets,
+     * assuming that checkpoint will be triggered if no more then 3/4 of pages 
will be marked as dirty (there will be
+     * at least 1/4 of clean pages) and each cached page list bucket can be 
stored to up to 2 pages (this value is not
+     * static, but depends on PagesCache.MAX_SIZE, so if PagesCache.MAX_SIZE > 
PagesListNodeIO#getCapacity it can take
+     * more than 2 pages). Also some amount of page memory needed to store 
page list metadata.
+     */
+    public static final double PAGE_LIST_CACHE_LIMIT_THRESHOLD = 0.1;
 Review comment:
   i still have no clue how u define this constant is it really enough to be 
static (not dynamically) calculated here?

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