alibazlamit commented on this pull request.

> +         public List<Snapshot> call() throws Exception {
+            logger.trace("<< fetching snapshots");
+            List<Snapshot> remoteSnapshots = api.snapshotApi().list(new 
+            logger.trace(">> snapshots feched.");
+            return remoteSnapshots;
+         }
+      });
+      return Iterables.concat(getUnchecked(images), getUnchecked(snapshots));
+   }
+   @Override
+   public Provisionable getImage(String id
+   ) {

It is true that's the case, for some reason doing that cause the live tests to 
fail, more specifically when trying to ssh into the servers and test 
operations, as if the server was not ready yet, i tried using long sleep's and 
checks nothing helped except for this approach, it does the job don't you agree?

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