nacx requested changes on this pull request.

Thanks @danielestevez!

> @@ -38,11 +38,17 @@
    US_GOV_VIRGINIA("US Gov Virginia", "US-VA"),
    NORTH_CENTRAL_US("North Central US", "US-IL"),
    SOUTH_CENTRAL_US("South Central US", "US-TX"),
+   WEST_CENTRAL_US("West Central US", ""),


>     WEST_US("West US", "US-CA"),
+   WEST_US_2("West US 2", ""),


>     WEST_EUROPE("West Europe", "NL"),
    EAST_ASIA("East Asia", "HK"),
    SOUTH_EAST_ASIA("Southeast Asia", "SG"),
+   KOREA_CENTRAL("Korea Central", "KR-11"),
+   KOREA_SOUTH("Korea South", ""),


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