andreaturli commented on this pull request.

> +   .overrides(neutronProperties)
+   .modules(ImmutableSet.of(new SLF4JLoggingModule()))
+   .build();
+// Create the connection to OpenStack nova and link it to Neutron
+NovaApi nova = ContextBuilder.newBuilder("openstack-nova")
+   .endpoint("http://localhost/identity/v3/";)
+   .credentials("domain:user", "password")
+   .overrides(novaProperties)
+   .modules(ImmutableSet.of(
+               ContextLinking.linkContext(neutronCtx),
+               new SLF4JLoggingModule()))
+   .buildApi(NovaApi.class);
+{% endhighlight %}
+With this configuration the `nova` API is configured to use the linked 
`neutron` for all networking operations.

Sorry @nacx and @demobox for late comment, I think the current wording is good 
I'd prefer to see comments on the blog posts asking for more clarity rather 
than try to come up with the perfect sentence :)

I think there is enough material to add another blog post on Openstack 
specifically on how jclouds can manage security groups and floating ips from 
nova and neutron depending on the linked context.

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