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+## <a id="credits"></a>Credits
+jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order 
to make this release happen:
+* [Jim Micheal Spring]( for his contributions to 
the Microsoft Azure ARM provider ant the OAuth APIs.
+* [Geoff Macartney]( for all his contributions to 
the Openstack and AWS providers.
+* [William Chen]( for his help with SoftLayer
+* Apache jclouds 
[PMC]( and 
community for verifying the release, particularly to [Ignasi 
Barrera]( for all his help with Openstack and Azure ARM 
and the project management, in general.
+* Check out who has been busy on [Open 
+## <a id="test"></a>Test Results
+Please see the discussion and the vote threads for live test results for 2.1.0:
+* RC1 

Both links point to the `[VOTE]` thread?

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