> if you run just the S3 ones and pass the endpoint, all succeed

Confirmed that when running `S3ClientLiveTest` directly in the `s3` module, 
with the endpoint defined, all tests pass including 
`testCopyCannedAccessPolicyPublic` and `testPutCannedAccessPolicyPublic`. So 
there must be something amiss with how the endpoint property is defaulted in 
the `aws-s3` module’s POM 
 I can only confirm that the property is absent from `System.getProperties()` 
unless you pass ` -Dtest.aws-s3.endpoint=https://s3.amazonaws.com` on the 
command line.

The other two failures I mentioned were in `AWSS3ClientLiveTest` and I suspect 
are caused by my running using session credentials defined in the US-East 
region. Just a guess—my grasp of AWS is limited and certainly does not include 
the nuances of region selection.

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