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> +* [JCLOUDS-1389] - Multipart upload to Google cloud storage failing with 400 
> bad request
+* [JCLOUDS-1391] - Headers must be sorted by lowercase when calculating 
+* [JCLOUDS-1392] - When fetching blob metadata with details all folders are 
removed from response
+* [JCLOUDS-1400] - GCS's presigned url requires blank Content-Type
+* [JCLOUDS-1401] - S3 SignatureDoesNotMatch when listing keys using prefix 
with ampersand
+* [JCLOUDS-1405] - Dimension Data Live Tests Broken - Domain classes for 
Server and Image with List nics incorrect
+* [JCLOUDS-1410] - SoftLayer cannot provision with private image
+* [JCLOUDS-1422] - LocalBlobStore.list ignores recursive flag when prefix set
+* [JCLOUDS-1427] - NPE when deserializing Elastic IPs that have tags
+* [JCLOUDS-1433] - IllegalArgumentException from Strings2.replaceTokens
+The complete list of fixed issues and improvements can be found 
+## <a id="knownissues"></a> Known Issues
+There are a number of open JIRA issues related to OpenStack endpoint and API 
version support: 
[JCLOUDS-773]( and 
[JCLOUDS-1197]( In 
particular, jclouds does not currently support OpenStack Keystone v3; the 
community is currently [actively working on that](

thanks @demobox this is clearly a bad copy and paste from a previous release 

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