Dennis Balkir created OFBIZ-9564:

             Summary: [FB] Package org.apache.ofbiz.base.lang
                 Key: OFBIZ-9564
             Project: OFBiz
          Issue Type: Sub-task
          Components: base
    Affects Versions: Trunk
            Reporter: Dennis Balkir
            Priority: Minor


HE: org.apache.ofbiz.base.lang.ComparableRange defines equals and uses 

This class overrides equals(Object), but does not override hashCode(), and 
inherits the implementation of hashCode() from java.lang.Object (which returns 
the identity hash code, an arbitrary value assigned to the object by the VM).  
Therefore, the class is very likely to violate the invariant that equal objects 
must have equal hashcodes.

If you don't think instances of this class will ever be inserted into a 
HashMap/HashTable, the recommended hashCode implementation to use is:

public int hashCode() {
  assert false : "hashCode not designed";
  return 42; // any arbitrary constant will do

REC: Exception is caught when Exception is not thrown in 

This method uses a try-catch block that catches Exception objects, but 
Exception is not thrown within the try block, and RuntimeException is not 
explicitly caught. It is a common bug pattern to say try { ... } catch 
(Exception e) { something } as a shorthand for catching a number of types of 
exception each of whose catch blocks is identical, but this construct also 
accidentally catches RuntimeException as well, masking potential bugs.

A better approach is to either explicitly catch the specific exceptions that 
are thrown, or to explicitly catch RuntimeException exception, rethrow it, and 
then catch all non-Runtime Exceptions, as shown below:

  try {
  } catch (RuntimeException e) {
    throw e;
  } catch (Exception e) {
    ... deal with all non-runtime exceptions ...

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