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    +# Rya Streams
    +Introduced in 3.2.12
    +## Disclaimer
    +This is a Beta feature. We do not guarantee newer versions of Rya Streams
    +will be compatible with this version. You may need to remove all of your
    +queries and their associated data from your Rya Streams system and then 
    +reprocess them using the upgraded system.
    +# Table of Contents
    +- [Introduction](#introduction)
    +- [Architecture](#architecture)
    +- [Quick Start](#quick-start)
    +- [Use Cases](#use-cases)
    +- [Future Work](#future-work)
    +<div id='introduction'/>
    +## Introduction 
    +Rya Streams is a system that processes SPARQL queries over streams of RDF 
    +Statements that may have Visibilities attached to them. It does this by 
    +utilizing Kafka as a data processing platform.
    +There are three basic building blocks that the system depends on:
    +* **Streams Query** - This is a SPARQL query that is registered wth Rya 
    +  It is associated with a specific Rya instance because that Rya instance 
    +  determines which Statements the query will evaluate. It has an ID that 
    +  uniquely identifies it across all of the queries that are managed by the 
    +  system, whether or not the system should be processing it, and whether 
or not 
    +  the results of the query needs to be inserted back into the Rya instance 
    +  source statements come from.
    +* **Query Change Log** - A list of changes that have been performed to the
    +  Streams Queries of a specific Rya Instance. This log contains the 
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