tristaZero commented on issue #3914: Optimization for Sharing Parser with Antlr 
   ## Here is instruction
   ### Tasks:
   1. Add rule visitors in `` based on g4 files[1].
   2. Check whether rule name in g4 files is appropriate or not.
   3. Add parsed integrated test for your **new main rule visitor**.
   ### Task detail:
   1. Add rule visitors
   1.1 Since `` extends 
`MySQLStatementBaseVisitor<ASTNode>.java`, you should overwrite 
`visitRuleName(ctx)` from `MySQLStatementBaseVisitor<ASTNode>` referring to 
rules in g4 files.
   1.2 When adding `visitRuleName(ctx)`, you should put it below the 
corresponding note generally named `xxx.g4` and keep its order same with where 
it is in `xxx.g4` file.
   1.3 What we need after parsing is those classes implement `SQLStatemnt` 
interface, so you should parse all necessary rules (add necessary rule 
visitors) making up `the main rules` in `MySQLStatement.g4`, and then fill 
necessary `segments` to `xxxSQLStatemnt`.
   2.Check rule name
   2.1 If we do not care one rule (do not add visitor for it), its name should 
end up with `_` in g4 file. For instance, we do not add visitor for 
`IDENTIFIER_` in `baseRule.g4`.
   2.2 Otherwise this rule name should not contain `_` in the end.
   2.3 If existing rule name does not accord with the above rules, please fix 
   3. Add parsed integrated test
   When you successfully add `one main rule visitor`, adding parsed integrated 
test for it is necessary.
   3.1 Copy sql case you need from 
(`Please note to keep the same directory`). 
   3.2 Copy the corresponding sql parsed result from 
 to ` 
 (`Please note to keep the same directory`).
   3.3 Run 
   3.4 If there is no sql case you need in 
 please record it to this issue[2]. P.S, my suggestion is to easily test its 
parsed result previously.
   ### Examples
   1. Current functions in `org.apache.shardingsphere.sql.parser.MySQLVisitor` 
could provide examples for you.
   2. You could learn more the parsed integrated test from test entrance 
   ### Notice
   1. This guideline applys to `OracleVisitor`, `PostrgreSQLVisitor`, 
`SQLServerVisitor` and `SQL92Visitor` as well.
   [1] DALStatement.g4, DCLStatement.g4, DDLStatement.g4, DMLStatement.g4, 
TCLStatement.g4 and StoreProcedure.g4

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