TisonKun commented on a change in pull request #1049: ZOOKEEPER-3475 Enable 
Checkstyle configuration on zookeeper-server
URL: https://github.com/apache/zookeeper/pull/1049#discussion_r312865164

 File path: zookeeper-server/src/main/java/org/apache/zookeeper/ZKUtil.java
 @@ -184,25 +191,31 @@ public static String validateFileInput(String filePath) {
      * Visits the subtree with root as given path and calls the passed 
callback with each znode
      * found during the search. It performs a depth-first, pre-order traversal 
of the tree.
-     * <p>
-     * <b>Important:</b> This is <i>not an atomic snapshot</i> of the tree 
ever, but the
+     *
+     * <p><b>Important:</b> This is <i>not an atomic snapshot</i> of the tree 
ever, but the
      * state as it exists across multiple RPCs from zkClient to the ensemble.
      * For practical purposes, it is suggested to bring the clients to the 
      * down (i.e. prevent writes to pathRoot) to 'simulate' a snapshot 
-    public static void visitSubTreeDFS(ZooKeeper zk, final String path, 
boolean watch,
-        StringCallback cb) throws KeeperException, InterruptedException {
+    public static void visitSubTreeDFS(
+            ZooKeeper zk,
+            final String path,
+            boolean watch,
+            StringCallback cb
+    ) throws KeeperException, InterruptedException {
         zk.getData(path, watch, null);
         cb.processResult(Code.OK.intValue(), path, null, path);
         visitSubTreeDFSHelper(zk, path, watch, cb);
-    @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
 Review comment:
   Yes. This is validated by the build cycle as we enable `-Werror`.

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