Excerpts from Mikhail Gusarov's message of Sat Nov 28 04:31:15 +0100 2009:
> Twas brillig at 21:28:03 27.11.2009 UTC-06 when j...@ocjtech.us did gyre and
> gimble:
>  JCO> Instead of including a private implementation of the SHA1 hash
> xserver went this road, and now it has
> --with-sha1=libc|libmd|libgcrypt|libcrypto|libsha1|CommonCrypto in
> configure.

>From a distribution & security point of view I'd much rather be able to
choose one hashing library & use that as widely as possible, rather than
having every application ship its own copy.

>  JCO> This means less code of our own to maintain and
> As libsha1 maintainer I'm volunteering to maintain in-tree copy in
> notmuch :)

Right, but on top of that, it would still be preferable to keep the
option for packagers to use a system library instead.
Most distributions have a rather strict policy to use system libraries
over internal copies.

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