On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 08:24:02 -0800, Carl Worth <cwo...@cworth.org> wrote:
> In the meantime, if I could get my hands on a message that triggers this
> bug, that would be useful. (Here's a case where it would be nice to have
> the "notmuch search --output=maildir" command I had talked about so that
> we could export the results of a particular search.)

Without a nice command to export a search as a maildir, here are some
things you can do in the meantime, Dirk. Consider this a free tutorial
in using the notmuch command line.

First, run a notmuch search to isolate the thread. This might be exactly
the search you were using within your notmuch emacs buffer, plus maybe a
keyword or two from the subject of the particular thread. So perhaps
something like:

        notmuch search tag:lkml subject:"some phrase here"

From that you should be able to see the thread ID of interest, so you
can display the whole thread, (for reading it without hitting the emacs
infinite-loop bug), by just copy-and-paste of the thread ID to "notmuch

        notmuch show thread:thread-id-here

And at that point you could manually archive the thread with:

        notmuch tag -inbox thread:thread-id-here

So that should let you workaround the bug to at least read the thread.

As for debugging, we don't yet have any mechanism in the emacs code to
view a single message without viewing the entire thread, so there's not
an easy way for you to isolate which message is triggering the bug. But
you can at least get the list of filenames from the notmuch show output:

        notmuch show thread:thread-id-here | grep message{ | sed 

Which should let you tar these up and you can send them to me privately
and I'll try to replicate and fix the bug.

I hope that's helpful,


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