On Sat, 19 Dec 2009 00:08:24 +0000, James Westby <jw+deb...@jameswestby.net> 
> Thanks, I found delve, which at least showed that something was
> being stored. It's in the xapian-tools package, and
>    delve -V2 <database>
> prints out the filesize value for each document.

Ah, right. I had forgotten about that.

> It would be great if we could specify an alternative configuration
> file for testing so that I can set up a small maildir and test
> against that.

You can, actually. Just set the NOTMUCH_CONFIG environment variable to
your alternate configuration file. (And yes, we're missing any mention
of this in our documentation.)

> Correct, I hadn't read the documentation closely enough. After fixing
> that and doing some testing I have this working now. Patch incoming.



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