On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 16:31:21 -0400, da...@tethera.net wrote:
> I didn't know if you (Carl) want to do copyright assignment, or just
> the GPL license headers are enough. I don't mind pretty much any
> variation.

Please feel free to retain your own copyright. I certainly don't deserve
anything being assigned to me.

I like that you're doing a new file, separate from our current
notmuch.el. That file has already become extremely large and unwieldy
and needs to be broken up.

But to do that, I really want to get the emacs lisp files out of the
top-level directory, (and down into contrib/emacs, say). And it might be
nice to get some of the pending patches merged in before doing a big
restructuring here.

Hopefully I'll start making some real progress on the backlog soon...


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