On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 15:29:15 +1100, Alex Ghitza <aghi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It looks like we need a way to get the primary email address from the
> config file.

Yes, we definitely need that.

> Actually, while we're at it, we can consider making this
> more flexible and adding a new option to the config file (e.g. bcc=...)
> which would take a semicolon-separated list of email addresses (in case
> someone wants to always bcc an address other than the primary one).

And that would be fine too.

> Is there a nice clean way of getting the config variables in notmuch.el?
> Or should this go into a new file notmuch-compose.c?  Note that the
> latter would imply having a new command like "notmuch compose".

I think we want a new C file to make it easy to ask for options out of
the configuration file. The operation of "notmuch compose" seems simple
enough to not be necessary, (though maybe it would make it easier to get
standard behavior among different interfaces).

> It's not a big deal, but now the same thing must be set in two different
> places (.notmuch-config and .emacs),

Right. I definitely want to get away from that. I want people to put
stuff into .notmuch-config and then have our emacs code "just work".
Our emacs code could, for example, set variables like user-full-name and
user-mail-address from the notmuch configuration, (it wouldn't override
these if already set I think).

> Sorry about writing a lot of prose and no code!  I'd like to get a sense
> for people's reactions before trying to write a patch for this.

No problem at all. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas.


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