Hi James,

I just got to a point in my outstanding rework where I thought it would
make sense to pull this patch series in, (I'm adding support for storing
multiple filenames in a single mail document).

I took a closer look at this series, and I think it's still independent,
so I'll finish up what I'm doing and then add this series on top later.

But I can at least answer some of the questions you asked for now:

>   Does the re-indexing replace the old terms?

Before this patch, there's there's not yet any "re-indexing" in
notmuch. So we'll basically need to think about what we want to do here.

As this patch is written, (just calling into the existing _index_file
function), the re-indexing only adds new terms, (and doesn't delete
any). That's probably correct. We're using file size as an heuristic
that the larger file is a superset of the smaller file, but it doesn't
guarantee that the smaller file doesn't contain any unique terms. So I'd
be extremely hesitant to drop any terms here.

>                                               In the case
>   where you had a collision with different text this could
>   make a search return mails that don't contain that text.
>   I don't think it's a big issue though, even if that is the
>   case.

That's correct. As mentioned in a previous thread, this is likely only a
big issue in the face of deliberate message-ID spoofing or so. In that
thread we talked about some ideas for mitigating that. But I don't think
we need to solve that problem before applying this patch series.


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