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> Hello,
> I just updated notmuch and now notmuch new cannot update my mail anymore... 
> It tells me that there are
> 700 files found, but tells that there's no new mail.
> I did a git bisect, which tells me the first bad commit is commit 
> 2e96464f9705be4ec772280cad71a6c9d5831e6f.
> I did not try to use the new xapian database or to update xapian; maybe this 
> is the problem.
> I tested with several tools to get mail in the maildir format, including 
> mb2md and getmail, and I always get the problem.
Same problem here, I tried upgrading xapian to xapian-core-1.1.3_svn13824, the 
problem persists.
Here's what happens here:
3074 a...@harikalardiyari> rm -fr .maildir/.notmuch
3075 a...@harikalardiyari> notmuch new
Found 210302 total files (that's not much mail).
No new mail.
3076 a...@harikalardiyari> notmuch search from:a...@exherbo.org
3077 a...@harikalardiyari>

> I will try to investigate a bit more.
> Matthieu

Ali Polatel

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