also sprach Carl Worth <> [2010.01.15.1108 +1300]:
> > Reading is one thing. Information storage and organisation is
> > another. After a message is delivered (and read) to my mailbox,
> > it's really mine and I can (and should be able) to affix it and
> > integrate it into my organisational scheme any way I want, don't
> > you think?
> A fair point.
> I don't see this being something I'm going to spend any time
> implementing. I just wouldn't use the functionality myself. But
> I would be happy to integrate patches if someone came up with
> some.

Maybe I should try to persuade you in person.

Just today I referenced a discussion I had with a client's ISP,
which was done via a web-based support system ( They
send you e-mail for every post you or they make to the thread, but
those e-mails do not reference each other. Fortunately, I stitched
them together and when I searched for the correspondence in my
mailstore, I had the entire thread available to me, which was handy
(thanks to mutt's useful thread handling abilities).

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