On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 14:21:56 +0100, Sebastian Spaeth <sebast...@sspaeth.de> 
> First, I think this FCC method is phantastic and it works like a
> charm. I agree that we should include the snippets at least in some
> "contrib" directory (or doc/examples) to make it easier to find.

I'm glad it's proved useful. However, I should say that I'd be wary of
distributing it, or even recommending it, without at least rudimentary
error checking -- even if it's just the delivery function returning
either 0 or -1, and the emacs wrapper reporting failure back to the user
in a sensible fashion. As it is now, a failed delivery will either go
silently by, or muck everything up in a not-so-useful way.

Returning some sort of success/fail would just take a couple of
try/except lines. I would have put that in myself, but I just whipped it
up for personal use (and then never used it).

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