On Wednesday 27 of January 2010 15:16:07 Paul R wrote:
> [...] 
> Conclusion:
> -----------
> As we have seen, this would allow most IMAP <-> MailDir <-> NotMuch
> synchronisation, without having to implement any kind of
> MailDir-specific logic inside notmuch. In fact, this notmuch-maildir
> helper would be a simple script, and we could imagine doing similar
> script for other stores, without having to touch the core of notmuch.


I mostly agree with you. I'd also like to use offlineimap with notmuch and 
have all "flags" synchronized. I'm only not sure whether it is reasonable to 
put all MailDir logic out of notmuch. Currently, there already is a piece of 
MailDir logic in notmuch-new.c in _entries_resemble_maildir().

I think there might be an option in .notmuch-config which enables MailDir 
handling in the way as you propose.

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