On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 11:20:02 -0500, Jameson Rollins 
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> I just gave it a try, though, and it seemed to be behaving a little
> strangely.  I currently have two subdirectories, "inbox" and "sent".
> However, new mail to either directory was showing up under the search:
> notmuch search folder:inbox
> and nothing was showing up under the search:
> notmuch search folder:sent
> I wonder if there's a problem with the logic it uses to determine the
> folder naming?  Do you think you could look into this?  I would really
> like to push to have a patch like this applied upstream soon.

I think I was wrong about this.  It looks like I'm seeing a different
issue that may not be related.  As a test I was sending mail to myself,
which meant that it was showing up in both "inbox" *and* "sent", and it
looks like in the face of an email in duplicate directories, the "inbox"
was winning.  Mail sent to not me is showing up under folder:sent just
fine.  So I think this is working!


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