On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 11:55:44AM -0500, micah anderson wrote:
> Once this is available in unstable, the notmuch package should be
> re-uploaded with a build-dependency on this version so that the package
> users see the speed improvement. As it is now, the debian package is
> pretty slow.

There's no need to rebuild notmuch to benefit from this improvement.  Just
install the updated libxapian15 package.

> What is the expected time-frame for moving this out of an experimental
> stage into unstable?

Probably a week or two.  It would be good to get this into Ubuntu Lucid (though 
oddly notmuch doesn't seem to be there yet) which means pretty soon.

If I get a lot of positive feedback on the snapshot version, that'll encourage
me to push ahead with it.  I've also announced it on the sup mailing list (as
they have similar issues with adding tags) and will on the Xapian list later

> Presumably this is a more proper release by Xapian?

I would indeed prefer to put it in a new Xapian release and then package
that - if the code isn't "good enough" for an upstream release, then I'd
find it hard to justify it as "good enough" for Debian.

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