Hey, folks.  I'm noticing a somewhat problematic behavior of notmuch
that I was wondering if anyone could comment on.

I'm noticing that notmuch is either not syncing, or not returning in
searches, duplicate messages that have identical bodies but different
headers.  This comes up when I send messages to lists to which I am
subscribed.  I have copies of my sent mail saved locally, so I generally
have two copies of emails that I send to such lists: the one that I
sent, and the one that I receive back from the list.  Here's an example:

servo:~ 0$ notmuch search subject:"emacs paned UI"
thread:533da424197bb6ba61a42b667d5d8d8f   Wed. 14:12 [2/2] Tad Fisher, Jameson 
Rollins; [notmuch] Emacs paned UI ()
servo:~ 0$ notmuch count subject:"emacs paned UI"
servo:~ 0$ grep -r -i "emacs paned UI" .mail-notmuch/inbox .mail-notmuch/sent
 [notmuch] Emacs paned UI
 Re: [notmuch] Emacs paned UI
.mail-notmuch/sent/cur/1265224340.M66544P992Q1.servo:2,S:Subject: Re: [notmuch] 
Emacs paned UI
servo:~ 0$ 

As you can see, notmuch returns two messages matching the search term,
where as a simple grep turns up three, the original message, my
response, and my response from the list, the latter two being exact
duplicates except for the headers.  The message that notmuch is
returning is the one in my sent mail, presumably because it showed up in
the index first, and the second identical one was just dropped.

I'm not exactly sure what the correct behavior is here, but I would
actually like to see my messages sent to the list returned to me.  It's
a way of verifying that they did go to the list, as well as getting a
feeling for the round trip time.  I personally wouldn't mind just seeing
both copies of the message returned by notmuch, as I can just delete one
of them if I don't want it to turn up again.  Would this behavior be
problematic in any way?  Do folks have suggestions of other behaviors
that might get around this problem?


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