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> Excerpts from Stewart Smith's message of Sun Feb 14 19:29:14 -0500 2010:
> > So... I sketched this out in my head at LCA... and it's taken a bit of
> > time to actually properly try it.
> > 
> In case anyone wanted to play around with this, I've written up my own
> little implementation[1] of a git mail import script. It's quite simple,
> but I felt it might be nice to have some public code to play around
> with. I get around 80 messages/second on my laptop and things are
> definitely quite IO bound. You get 1 commit per message, although I'm
> not entirely sure if this is the correct way to do things.
> [1] git://goldnerlab.physics.umass.edu/git-mail

Using fast-import is interesting. Does it update the working tree? The
big thing I wanted to avoid was creating a working tree (another million
inodes being created is not ever what I need)

Also interesting is the mention of creating packs on the fly... this
could save the time in first writing the object and then packing it (as
my script does).

I'm going to play with this....
Stewart Smith
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