On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:01:08 -0400, da...@tethera.net wrote:
> From: David Bremner <brem...@unb.ca>
> Provide key bindings for stuffing various RFC822 header fields and other 
> metadata
> into the emacs kill-ring as text. The bindings are as follows:

A fantastic feature, David! Thanks so much!

I've now applied this, (and pushed it out). As we discussed in IRC, I
also changed the keybinding from 'z' to 'c'.

So, for everyone who didn't pick up on this feature, you can now use the
keybinding 'c i' to copy a message ID when viewing a message within
emacs. Then, if using X, you can immediately use the middle-mouse button
(or similar) to paste that message into an application of choice. It's
very convenient.

There are also similar keybindings for copying out other portions of the
message header. Enjoy!


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