On Thu, 31 Dec 2009 11:17:40 -0400, da...@tethera.net wrote:
> This is an updated version of Scott Robinson's patch of
> id:1261114167-sup-8...@lisa. All of the hard work is Scott's. My
> changes to Scotts patch are 
>  - change option to --format from --output
>  - make a couple of calls to function points conditional on the 
>    function pointers being non-null
>  - updated the built-in documentation and the man page
> I also changed the copyright of json.c to Scott. Hope that's OK with
> Scott.

Well that's embarrassing. I just went through the effort of reviewing
the old patch and basically re-constructing that same list of tasks,
(only to find out that this updated patch was already sitting in my
queue, but later).

Anyway, very well done! I've applied this now with one change:

I'm now printing "thread" instead of "id" as the JSON name for the
field with the thread id in it.

I also added a mention to the TODO file that we should fix --format=json
to not imply --entire-thread.

Thanks again, David and Scott (and we hope that all the backpacking goes
well, Scott!).


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