On Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:19:16 -0400, David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> wrote:
> I think some tabular format would be handy because it is very easy to
> parse with scripts, and because it is a natural natural way to get
> e.g. a list of message-ids.
> --format=tabular --output=message-id

Ah, so maybe your "notmuch show --format=tabular" is basically the same
thing I imagined for "notmuch search" (once we teach it to accept a list
of the desired elements to output).

> On the other hand, I'm not yet using this code, so I guess the main
> point is to discuss how output control should be implemented, and in
> that sense the patch is a demo. I suspect once we start using json
> output more, we will definitely want it there.

Yes. I think we next need to implement some --output options and then
see what we want from there.


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