On Fri, 02 Apr 2010 09:53:04 +0100, David Edmondson <d...@dme.org> wrote:
> The updated changes are on the 'dme-for-cworth' branch now.

Thanks for the quick update, David!

I've pushed this now.

Having played with it a tiny bit, I do think that since the part command
always requires a --part option that we might as well just make it part
of notmuch show. That is:

        notmuch show --part=2 id:foo

instead of:

        notmuch part --part=2 id:foo

It's no more to type and it keeps our top-level command-set simpler.

(Along that same line, I think I'd like to fold "notmuch search-tags"
and perhaps "notmuch count" into sub-options of "notmuch search" as

But I didn't make the patch block on that. I'm asserting that the
notmuch command-line interface is not yet set in stone and that user
should expect changes.


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