On Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:53:34 -0700, Carl Worth <cwo...@cworth.org> wrote:
> Having played with it a tiny bit, I do think that since the part command
> always requires a --part option that we might as well just make it part
> of notmuch show. That is:
>       notmuch show --part=2 id:foo
> instead of:
>       notmuch part --part=2 id:foo
> It's no more to type and it keeps our top-level command-set simpler.

As part of having more information about MIME structure in the JSON
output (multipart/alternative, for example), I think that we (I, if I
get to it first) will need to re-work the `show' implementation
somewhat. We should wait until doing that work to merge the `--part'
support across.

David Edmondson, http://dme.org
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