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> Dear Carl, I start out notmuch in my inbox search, but find myself
> navigating to the notmuch-folder view quite often. Therefore the key
> binding 'F' to open a notmuch-folder is really handy.

I agree that a single-key binding for this is really handy.

I'm actually currently using super-n (a personal customization I have)
to get to notmuch-folder view from *any* buffer in emacs.

And I want to make a (cleaned-up) version of notmuch-folder be the
starting point for notmuch, (rather than the inbox view). And I also
want to make the 'q' binding more clever so that instead of just closing
the current view it will actually return to the parent view. That would
make 'q' be a single-key binding from most search views (unfiltered ones
at least) to the notmuch-folder view.

But that's all future ideas---back to the current patch.

I don't really like the keybinding of 'F' for this. We've mostly avoided
capitalized bindings so far, (we have quite a few lowercase bindings
available after all). The few we have are all alternate versions of the
lowercase version, ("N" = next message vs. 'n' = next unread
message). Since "F" = folder-view is unrelated to 'f' = filter, I'd like
to avoid that.

Also, I think we need a better name for notmuch-folder view anyway. We
have an outstanding patch to make the filesystem-directory of mail
messages available with a search syntax of "folder:". So there's a
conceptual clash of "folder" there already.

So maybe this view needs a name like "home" or even just "notmuch"? Like
I said, I would like to make my cleaned-up version (see TODO for a
mockup) be the view that one gets with "M-x notmuch".


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