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> On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:33:35 +0200, "Sebastian Spaeth"
> <sebast...@sspaeth.de> wrote:
> > fsync is really killing xapian (and notmuch). What suffers, are the
> > boolean prefixes (tag, id, and thread). Using libeatmydata (which
> > disables fsync) shows a 10x speedup for tagging. The speedup is
> only
> > factor 2 for e.g. from: searches. This is ext4 on recent stock
> > Ubuntu. Given that search by tag and thread are performed really
> often
> > (each time I advance a thread, for example), that really hurts.
> Wow, this is really interesting, Sebastian.  For those of us not in
> the
> know, can you explain what libeatmydata is and how it's used?  It
> sounds
> like something I would *not* want to use!  So you didn't have to
> recompile here, and only had to set LD_PRELOAD=./libeatmydata.so?  Is
> there any drawback to what you're doing here?
> jamie.

It seems like it is a small library that implements fsync as no-op. Using 
allows to overloads the libc's fsync definition by libeatmydata's one. Making 
writes faster,
but no longer crash-safe.

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