On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:58:10 +0200, Tomas Carnecky <t...@dbservice.com> wrote:
> In 4fd9ea0 (guess From address from Received headers, 2010-04-06) you 
> introduced strcasestr, which is not portable, see 82e47ec (notmuch 
> reply: Use strstr instead of strcasestr for portability., 2010-02-04).
> Is strcasestr really necessary there or can it be replaced with strstr?

Well, I'm trying to make sure that rAndOm case in email addresses
doesn't throw of the matching - it's quite common for people to write
email addresses as first.l...@company.com - the RFCs that I've seen
(can't double check, on a plane right now) seem to indicate that you
can't rely on the headers being lowercase - so even preprocessing the
configured email addresses might not be enough.
I guess we could selectively force some of the headers to be stored as
lower case - Received, X-Original-To, Envelope-To in my case - but that
seems wrong somehow.

Open to better ideas...


Dirk Hohndel
Intel Open Source Technology Center
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