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> Notmuch is the best damn mail system there ever was and we wouldn't
> want to mess with that.  Does abstracting everything in notmuch from
> "messages" -> "documents" hurt it as a mail system?  What if just the
> back-end were abstracted, to allow for different front-ends for
> different classes of documents, i.e. "messages", "articles", "books",
> "rss feeds", etc.?  Are there any big problems with this proposal that
> I'm overlooking?
> I'm very interested to hear what others think about this idea.

Absolutely 100% in agreement - the reason I use emacs for everything I
possibly can from web browsing to writing to coding to mailing is
because it's all just (occasionally arbitrarily formatted) text and all
text can be dealt with across buffers in exactly the same manner.  The
ability to use a single indexer and search interface for any of that
same text gets a big +1 from me.

I recently started using feed2imap in order to get notmuch tagging and
searching for rss, I'm sure I'm not alone.  I was just wondering how on
earth to go about adding headers to my sets of org-mode formatted notes,
for instance, so that notmuch could pick them up and index them for me.

In fact, the less of a distinction between the types of 'document' I'm
dealing with the better.  Maybe different document types get different
default keybindings - I may not want to 'reply' to an ebook but I
absolutely may want to forward it to someone?

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