At Tue, 25 Jan 2011 10:08:12 +1030,
Tim Stoakes wrote:
> I do something like this by using some shell scripts with formail, to
> 'store' notmuch tags into the X-Label headers of the individual mails.
> Offlineimap then syncs these headers. If I need the tags to become
> notmuch-ified on the target, I just scan all the mail's X-Label headers.

How well does offlineimap work when you modify the contents of
messages?  This doesn't change the message UIDs, does it?  Are you
syncing between two imapd instances, or one imapd and a maildir?  (I
currently run a local imap server as well, because it seems to be a
lot faster.)

How does the imap server even detect that the message contents has
been modified?  Does it have to stat 300,000 files every time you
check your email?

In my setup, I regularly check email from three or four different
machines, so the syncing is not just for backup purposes.  When I
switch between computers all my label changes need to be visible.

> I'm happy to share this hack glue if it would help.

Yes, I'd be glad to take a look at your scripts.

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