I've been running notmuch for only a couple of days now and am still
getting to grips with it, but I am very very happy to be back in Emacs
again for mail after two years in the Thunderbird wilderness.  So, thank

I like my mail tagged on reception so that my mailing lists and spam
only show up when (or if) I actually want to read them.  To this end
I've done as I suspect most people do: wrote a small shell script that
runs 'notmuch add' and then a succession of 'notmuch tag' to identify
the mails I'll deal with later.  For example

notmuch new
notmuch tag +inbox --  to:dan and is:unread
notmuch tag +office-work  --  folder:Work/Shared.office and is:unread
notmuch tag +tech-work --  folder:Work/Shared.technotes and is:unread
notmuch tag +work -- folder:Work and is:unread
notmuch tag +work -- from:off...@work.com and is:unread
notmuch tag +ruby-talk -inbox -- to:ruby-talk and is:unread
notmuch tag +lrug -inbox -- to:ruby-talk and is:unread
notmuch tag +work-figures -inbox -- '(from:figu...@work.com or 
to:figu...@work.com) and is:unread

My questions 

1) (How) can I filter on the X-Spam-Bar header to chop out spam and
suspected spam?

2) Is there any way (actual or planned) to filter on X-List-Id or
similar so that I can filter mailing list stuff more accurately

3) Ditto for filtering on Envelope-To, which I know is not a real
SMTP header but appears in my mail archives anyway

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