I have mine remotely, just because I don't have a local database to
query. I made a shell wrapper, pretty much just like remote script, but
that only passes the query along, and then set that script as my
address-lookup program. 

Hmm... I guess the two could be combined, but configuring for your own
address script and so on seems like it might be more trouble than just
making the script from scratch.

On Thu, 03 Mar 2011 17:38:51 +0100, Kristoffer Ström <kristof...@rymdkoloni.se> 
> Hey, one open question on the remote script, is anyone using address 
> completion with this?
> ATM i'm using the vala script for this, but i don't know if integrating this 
> remotely would be the most elegant solution.
> How do you running notmuch-remote make this work?
> Best, Kristoffer
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