On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 02:29:14 -0400, servilio <servi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been working in some enhancements to the emacs UI address
> completion, and this weekend I was able to find a way to finish the
> implementation to an acceptable (to me) state.
> The gist of it is allowing the completion in Emacs to match against
> any part of the addresses returned by the notmuch-addrlookup command.
> I could not find a way to have completing-read behave that way, the
> strategy of matching anchored to the beginning of strings is
> in-grained in its design for what I've seen.
> The current implementation uses Ido, included with Emacs at least in
> version 23, and is available at:
> git://git.latertulia.org/servilio/notmuch.git
> In the branch complete-name-and-address-v2. There is a web interface
> if you prefer to see the changes, just use "http" as the protocol in
> your web browser.
> The first few changes in the branch are fixes and small enhancements I
> found while working on this, and I have sent them as separate patches
> for acceptance as they are independent of this work. All of this has
> been in use (in the form of the branch without "-v2") for almost a
> year. I started a message in August but somehow successfully forgot
> completely about it.
> Regards,
> Servilio

Have you looked at 'ido-completing-read that comes with ido-mode?
I use it for completing through a modified version of eudc-select.

It allows for fuzzy matching on any part of the name.
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