On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 10:15 PM,  <an...@khirnov.net> wrote:
> my attempts to make the vim client more usable somehow spiraled out of
> control and turned into a huge rewrite. The intermediate results I
> hereby present for your amusement and comments.
> (attached as whole files, since the patch would be unreadable)
> The main point of the rewrite is splitting of a large part of the code
> into Python. This should have the following advantages:
> 1) python-notmuch bindings can be used, which should allow for cleaner
>   and more reliable code than running the binary and parsing its output
>   with regexps.
>   (also provides a nice use case for python-notmuch)
> 2) Python's huge standard library makes implementing some features MUCH 
> easier.
> 3) More people know Python than vimscript, thus making the client
>   development easier
> The code is α quality, but should be close to usable.
> It already has some features not present in the mainline vim client,
> like attachments (viewing and sending, saving to file should be trivial
> to add, will be done when I have some time), better support for unicode
> and more.
> Some UI features from the mainline versions that I didn't use were
> removed and customization options are somewhat lacking atm. This is of
> course to be improved later, depending on the responses.
> Comments, bugreports and fixes very much welcome.

Do you have a git repo where to fetch these changes? Or can you
provide a series of patches with 'git format-patch'?

Felipe Contreras
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