I'm playing around with one-time iterators Threads in the python bindings
in combination with changes to the database.
Particularly, I'd like to iterate over a list of threads partially,
change the tags of a single thread and afterwards continue iterating.
Of course I get "Xapian DB-changed" exceptions.
As I see it, there are two possible solutions:
First, I iterate over all the threads and cache all the info i'd like to 
extract from each one (or just the id and re-query the info on demand).
The problem here is, that this list of thread-ids might be huge and
caching it will block my code.
Secondly, I could replace the iterator i'm using with a fresh one after 
db-changes. But then I'd need some magic that discards an initial
portion of the (fresh) iteration and/or updates the pre-db-change
partial iteration.

Wow. This reads really complicated. All I want to say is:
if I change tags in my search-results view, I get Xapian errors :)
The question: How do you solve this in the emacs code?
do you store all tids of a query? 


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