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>    if r: #because we cant iterate on NoneType

I don't understand why, but this line sets r._msgs to None. So it crashes,
because it has no message ids to look for.

If you change it to

if r is not None:

... then it works for me.

Oh, I see, for your code, there is a implied call to __len__, and the
__len__ function is completely broken for the reasons described in the

      .. note:: As this iterates over the messages, we will not be able to=
               iterate over them again! So this will fail::

                 #THIS FAILS
                 msgs = Database().create_query('').search_message()
                 if len(msgs) > 0:              #this 'exhausts' msgs
                     # next line raises
                     for msg in msgs: print msg

               Most of the time, using the
               :meth:`Query.count_messages` is therefore more
               appropriate (and much faster). While not guaranteeing
               that it will return the exact same number than len(),
               in my tests it effectively always did so.

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