On Tue, 31 May 2011 11:43:31 -0700, Jameson Graef Rollins 
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> Hi, folks.  I have pushed a new version of the release-candidate/0.6
> branch to my repo [0].  It is all reworked on top of notmuch/master [1],
> and includes:
> cworth: do you want to review this for the new release?  We're very close!
> One last push and we can get this thing out.

I've been going through it, but trying to focus more on the emails I
have queued up (which is currently 58 messages).

From a quick rebase of your release-candidate branch and a comparison
with what I have queued it looks like only the following commits are
left on your branch and not in my email queue:

    emacs: update notmuch-crypto-process-mime config variable documentation.
    bump debian standards version
    Increment library version to 1.4.0
    Increment notmuch version to 0.6
    debian: update list of symbols for libnotmuch
    debian: separate build dependency entries on to separate lines
    debian: update changelog for 0.6

That's mostly just the release bookkeeping, which is good---that means
I've been through most of the "meat" of the patches on your branch.

I'll now work through what I still have in my queue (Austin's atomicity
work is the only big piece) and then look at the above, at which point
we should be there. (And yes, I know I sound like I'm talking along the
lines of a feature-based release rather than a time-based release.)


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