This is mainly directed towards Sebastian, but a broader audience can't hurt.

These are the things I noticed when going through the code today:
1) in filenames.py,  __str__ of Filenames: should the return value be
   '\n'.join(self._files)? alternatively, define __iter__ to make this object
   behave as iterator.
2) in message.py:  tags_to_maildir_flags and maildir_flags_to_tags never return 
   :class:`STATUS` as advertised.
3) unicode stuff alredy patched..

I would like to see up-to-date API docs online, even if only the
version string changed.
Sebastian suggested using readthedocs.org for building and hosting APIdocs.
I tested this recently for alot and it looks quite promising.
A simple http get and their build-host checks out the new sources from git and 
them. This could be easily integrated into notmuch the release process.
Comments on this?

Lastly, does anyone have an opinion on how to share a TODO list/issue tracker
for the bindings? I'm OK with github, we could move all this to the list
and use David's nmbug..


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