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> Hi,
> I've never been particularly happy with the code of the vim plug-in,
> but it sort of did the job, after some fixes, and has been working
> great so far for most of my needs even though it's clearly very rough
> on the edges.
> However, I'm recently in need of been able to read HTML mails, and
> just trying to add that code was a nightmare, so I decided to look for
> alternatives, including Anton's Python vim plug-in (which is nice, but
> doesn't have support for that), and even learning emacs, to use what
> most people here use (but it turns out the HTML messages don't work
> correctly there either). I also tried the various mutt+notmuch
> options, and none fit the bill.
> So, since I'm a big fan of Ruby, I decided to try my luck writing a
> plug-in from scratch. It took me one weekend, but I'm pretty happy
> with the result. This plug-in has already essentially all the
> functionality of the current one, but it's much, *much* simpler (only
> 600) lines of code.
> And in addition has many more features:
>  * Gradual searches; you don't have to wait for the whole search to finish,
>    sort of like the 'less' command

How did you do that? When I tried to do this in my version, I got hit by
vim not being threadsafe.

Anton Khirnov
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