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> Hi Anton,
> thanks for answering. Finally I found it. My next problem is that I have 
> absolutely no idea how to use it.
> I followed the instructions I have found in this mailing list and copied the 
> syntax files into my ~/.vim/syntax
> and the two plugin files into my ~/.vim/plugin folders.
> Then I called
>     vi -c 'NMVimpy()'
> The result is
>     E492: Not an editor command: NMVimpy()
> I tried
>     vi -c ':nm_vimpy()'
> as well. And vi answers
>     No mapping found

I invoke it as vim -c :NMVimpy

> Is there a README file or any other kind of documentation for your script?

I wish. Patches welcome ;)

Anton Khirnov
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