Le 20/10/2012 18:49, Ethan Glasser-Camp a écrit :
Jani Nikula <j...@nikula.org> writes:

On Wed, 17 Oct 2012, Adrien Bustany <adr...@bustany.org> wrote:
The code of the patches in unchanged, but the formatting issues are now
hopefully fixed.

Hi Adrien, please check at what version flush and reopen have been
introduced to xapian. If they are new-ish (I don't know, didn't have the
time to check), please add appropriate #ifdefs. [1] lays the groundwork
for this. We'll also need to decide what is the minimum xapian version
required in general, i.e. features earlier than that don't need
conditional compilation.

Hi! The new versions of these patches are still pretty trivial and they
still look OK to me, but based on Jani's prompting I decided to look up
the methods. Seems that flush() is a very old (pre-1.1.0, 2009-04) name
for commit(), which is the preferred name these days. You should
probably therefore rename the function notmuch_database_commit, and have
it call the WritableDatabase::commit() method.

reopen() is a very very old method, seems like it has been around since

So I think Adrien is safe from having to do version checks, but we
should probably use commit() instead of flush().


Thanks for checking that! Sorry for the late answer, I had a hard time keeping on top of things lately...
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