David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> Brian Sniffen <bsnif...@akamai.com> writes:
>> I'm thrilled by using notmuch to manage my mail.  Low-latency search is
>> very important to me.  But I use computers in a couple of
>> places---several of which are laptops.  Has anyone stories to share of
>> successful multi-computer notmuch sync, for a corpus of a
>> quarter-million messages or so?  
> I use syncmaildir to sync the actual messages, and a copy of the output
> of "notmuch dump" in git to sync the metadata.
> It works OK. A bit slow; depends how often you need to fetch new mail.

If you want to see my solution, it is here:


I'm a little embarrassed by this code, as I just started to test it a
week ago then instantly became completely dependent on it.  I will
probably change the name (from muchsync to syncmuch) and the database
format before releasing.  But if you feel like beta-testing and giving
me feedback, have a look.

Beware that if you have been using notmuch dump, you may become
instantly hooked on my solution...

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